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Custom Draperies in Summerland

Donna Service Design provides custom-made draperies in Summerland and surrounding areas. We believe everyone should be comfortable in their own home and our draperies and fabrics will make your home interiors as welcoming and comfortable as possible. If you’re looking to the change the look and feel of your home and experiment with your curtains and draperies, look no further! Call us today to book a free consultation.

Make Your Room More Inviting

We have a large variety of fabrics and hardware catalogues for you to choose from. Our offering of beautiful window fashions adds color, texture and functionality to make any room more inviting! Whether you need draperies for your home or commercial space, we have an array of fabrics and hardware designed just for you.

Please reach out to us in case you decide to change the look of your living space! Call or email us to schedule your consultation.

Get High-Quality Home Design and Decorating Services

We love our work and provide services at competitive prices.

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